You have the ability to share your saved searches with your company so that anyone else working within SmartProcure can also work with the search you created. Let me walk you through the process: 

First, go to your saved searches: 

You should see any searches you have created. Now we're going to share them so that your company can see them. On the right side of the saved search, there is an "actions" drop-down menu. 

Now click this menu and select "Share with..."  and it should say the name of your company. 

Now if you click on your company name you should see your saved search has been moved under the company tab. You can move the search back to your own saved searches at any time if you no longer want the company to see it. 

If this option is not available in your drop-down menu, please reach out to our help center via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner and we will assist you. 

A few side notes:

You can turn the alerts on/off in this window if you no longer want to receive emails when the search is updated. 

And you can tag the searches so that if you have a lot of saved searches you can easily filter through them.