Whose contact information do we have available?

Every agency that has made a purchase documented in our database is available to be searched and found. 

What is "Find Contacts" & How do I use it?

Find Contacts is a specific search tab that allows you to easily search through a list of over 245,000 contacts to quickly find the agency contact you are looking for.

To begin searching scroll over to the "Find Contacts" tab and use the drop-down menu and the search box.  

Why should I use "Search Spending to find contacts? How do I use it?

"Search Spending" is a great way to find agency contacts while you're searching for purchase orders.

Once you have initiated a search within the "Search Spending" tab scroll over to the agency tab above your search results and select "View Agency Contacts". 

Contact Filters

We have a feature which allows you to filter through the contacts in your search results. If there is a particular contact you are looking to reach out to this may help.

You can find this set of filters when you run a "Find Agency" search under the "Find Contacts" tab.

download (68).png

For example, if you wanted to find all the contacts in our database that worked in a specific job you could search and find them. Searching for "Fire Marshall" would bring up all the contacts with that job title. Now you have a lead list of people you can contact directly.