When a request is published for a certain category all companies that have selected that category in their profile get notified both within the platform and by email. Companies that receive the requests know and can view the limit on the quotes expected by the agency. The current default is 5 quotes.

Companies can respond either with a price quotation or with a chat message requesting more info or clarification.

Responding to Companies Using Chat

One of the great features of GovQuote is being able to speak directly with companies using our chat system. You may also send files using our attachments placeholder.

There is no limit to the number of the attachments you can share. All responses and attachments are sent in real time to the company and notifications appear both on the platform and via email.

All responses are part of the permanent record of the transaction and cannot be deleted or edited.

To respond to a company's chat message:

1. Click the blue View text on the request you wish to respond to
2. Click the blue View text next to the company name under Quotes on the left side of the page
3. Enter your response in the text box and attach any files you wish to include using the attachments placeholder
4. Click the blue Send button

You can also initiate a group chat with all company users that have responded to a request. Company users can respond and all messages can be seen by all agency and company users that are participating in the request. However, company names are not shown to protect privacy.

Remember, you can always return to and continue any conversation by clicking View on the left side of your request page.