Search Result Tabs

After a search has been made, a series of tabs appear listing various types of information pulled from the SmartProcure database. Users can switch between tabs to view the most relevant information for their needs.

View Items  

Provides historical list of products purchased

View Agencies

Gives high overview of how many agencies are pulling back into your search and “Top Agencies by Dollar Amount”

View Vendors

Shows “Top Agencies by Dollar Amount” and can be used in reverse to sell to other businesses

View Spend

Contains data including Largest Month, Smallest Month, Most Active Month, Least Active Month and Total Spend Graph

View Prices

Identifies Average, Lowest and Highest Amount of agency spending

Saving search results

Sharing search results

> Click “Share” in right-hand corner
> Click “Copy Link”

Exporting search results

> Click “Export” in right-hand corner
> Enter title and tag
> Click “Save”

Note: Exporting is only available if you have enough purchased items remaining on your account. For more information contact Client Services at 888-998-6348.

*Insider Tip
One thing you can do to export line items without using your exports is to copy them straight from the search and into a spreadsheet. 

> Start by copying the line items you want to save

> Next paste into a spreadsheet and the columns will automatically fill properly. You'll be able to click Agency/Vendor/Description to follow the links back to GovSpend