As you've noticed the SmartProcure SmartSearch is now called GovSpend and has been updated with new search features. Here are some of those features: 

To start, this is the screen you should see when you log in. 

We have removed the drop-down menu and replaced this with options in the search bar to choose from to start your search. You can search with "Find Items" "Find Agencies" "Find Companies" "Find Contacts" & "Advanced". 

Please note that the Advanced search option is the old SmartSearch that you've been using and can still use if you choose. 

We have also moved the "+ Add Filter" button to display as a filter bar on the left side of your page after you begin your search. We have done this in an effort to making searching simplified and more intuitive. 

Once you've initiated your search this is what your results will look like.

We updated the way the search thinks so that if you type in "16gb iPad" it will search for those two words with an unlimited number of words in between as a default. Before when you typed in "16gb iPad" it would look for that exact phrase giving you only 3 results. Now you have a lot more results that you can use and filter through. 

You still have the same filter options located in the left-hand sidebar. You can include or exclude any words, or add additional filters to narrow your search results just as you did before. 

There is also the option to view your search results by "View Items" "View Agencies" "View Companies" "View Spend" & "View Prices". You can see these tabs just above your search results.

All of your saved searches have been transferred over to Advanced search for you to continue using. 

We have a brand new Help Center to assist you with any questions you may have regarding these updates. If you need any further assistance please feel free to reach out to us via our chat bubble located in the bottom right-hand corner of any page.