As part of the GovSpend program, you receive alerts based on your saved searches and the apps set up in your dashboard. This is to make sure you are always receiving the most up to date information. 

However, if you do not wish the receive these alerts there is an easy way to switch them off. Simply follow the below instructions. 

To turn off the notifications associated with your saved searches first pull up your list of saved searches. You should see a column titled "Alert". Below this next to each saved search is a switch you can click to turn off these alerts. 

If you would like to put a stop to the dashboard notifications as well go to your settings and click on notifications in the left-hand side of the screen. 

This will bring up your alert settings and you can either turn off all alerts at once or you can specifically turn off only the dashboards you don't want to hear from. You can go back and turn on notifications if you ever wish to start receiving them again.