SavedSearches allow you to create a specific search for something that your company wants to see. Whether that is, products, competitors, agencies or vendors, and it will email you an update when there are new results for your search. This is perfect because our database is always being updated and enhanced. So you know you'll be able to keep up with all the information as it comes in.

Dashboard app alerts will also send you notifications with information based on the information you've requested it to collect for you based on the apps you've chosen and how you set them up. Fortunately, we have an extensive AppStore for you so you can find and set up exactly what you need.  

SmartReport is a form of reporting that combines SavedSearches and Dashboard alerts by having a Dedicated Customer Success Manager generate the reports into a PDF and a spreadsheet of contacts. These are then emailed directly to you for review. This is a targeted way for clients who don't have the time or the ability to set up the searches get the information they want to further their business.