Are you having login issues? Is your mouse spinning forever? Are you using chrome? Why not? 

We highly encourage our users to use chrome when running the GovSpend software. It is the browser most compatible with our program. If you are receiving an error message then please reach out to client services via our chat box in the bottom right corner on any of our pages.

If you don’t have Chrome please go ahead and download it here:

If you already have chrome and are having issues you may need to close your tabs and restart the browser. 

If that doesn’t alleviate the issue make sure that your chrome browser is up to date by clicking the link:

Still having issues? 

If google chrome is not cooperating try clearing your cache. Click the link to find out how:

If you want to continue using internet explorer please make sure you have Internet Explorer 10 or higher. You can update yours by clicking the link:

If at this point you are still having issues with logging into the Smart Procure program please reach out to client services by clicking the message button in the bottom right corner and we will make every effort to assist you with your issue.