Our data can be used to find a number of things. Searches can be initiated to find what agencies are purchasing, who they are purchasing from, how often they're purchasing, and how much they're spending. 

This information can be used next time you get a bid you can look within GovSpend to have smarter bid submissions. The historical information can also help you track buying patterns. You can see an agency's largest month of spending based on your search terms. Therefore you can anticipate the next buying round of agency purchasing, rather than waiting for the RFP. 

Using GovSpend in this way will allow you to be more proactive rather than reactive. 

The best way to get in with an agency once you've run your search and found a relevant purchase order click on the description to expand and view it. Find the purchase order # and make a note of it. Then go to the agency profile page. 

It is suggested that you reach out to someone within the agency who has the buyer/procurement/purchasing in their title. Reference the PO# you found, and then go for it. You now have the opportunity to start the conversation and turn a lead into a sale.