The entire GovQuote platform is constantly being monitored and curated by our dedicated staff to ensure the best possible experience for our users. However, while we strive to keep interactions positive and productive at all times, we cannot always prevent every unhelpful response due to the sheer amount of requests on the platform.

Users will soon have the ability to flag responses that are seen as inappropriate/unhelpful. Each flagged response will be reviewed by a GovQuote moderator and steps will be taken to improve the conversation going foward.

In addition, users will also have access to a system where companies can be rated based on their responses on the platform, which should have a positive effect on future communications.

To ask the agency a question about their request:

1. Select the request on the Open Requests page
2. Click the Ask a Question button
3. Enter your message in the text box
4. Click the Send Message button

This will open a chat with an agency assistant who will reply to any questions you may have about their agency's request.

To send a quote to the agency:

1. Select the request on the Open Requests page
2. Click the Send Quote button
3. Enter the Total Price, a message, and any attachments
4. Click the Send Quote button

This will send a quote to the agency with the information you entered and open a chat where you can communicate further with an agency assistant.

Remember, you can always return to and continue any conversation by clicking View on the left side of the request page.

After you send a response, the request will move from the Open Requests page to the Pending tab under My Quotes.

Tip: When you send a quote, GovQuote notifies the customer and shares your profile information. If you don’t hear back in a day or two, send a follow-up message to schedule a call or offer an incentive, like a free consultation. When you do hear from customers, reply quickly.

To learn how to send a follow-up message, click here.

To cancel a quote:

1. Select your quote on the left hand side of the page under Quotes

2. Click the blue link under your price

3. Click Cancel my quote in the window