There is a "Lists" tab located on the right side of "Bids & Quotes". This is where you can find the lead and bid lists that you will create and save.

Companies and Agencies can be added to a lead list. You can do this under the "Agency" or "Company" tabs. Simply check the box next to the organization in your search results that you want to add to a list and click "Add to Lead List". 

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You'll have the option to either save to an existing list or create a brand new list to save it to.

Bids can be added to a "Bids" list for you to save. Under the Bids tab after you've initiated a search, you'll be able to select the bids you want to save.

Just as you would for a "Lead" list, check the box next to the Bid you want to save and click "Add to Bid List".

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Once you've saved all the Leads and Bids that you want you can find them under the "Lists" tab. There will be the tab for "Leads" & one for "Bids".

Now that you've created and saved a few lists you can start using them with your team.

On this page, you'll see in the top left corner you have tabs for "Lead Lists" and "Bid Lists". On the left sidebar, there are filters to search through your lists, this will be most useful when you have a lot of lists and need to find something quickly.

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You and your team can use lead lists to delegate tasks to specific team members. A team member assigned to a lead list can open up the list and find information about the agency's purchases and contact information so that they can pursue the lead.

Once they have completed the task they can check it off and it will be removed from the list. If you need to see everything that has been completed you can click to see previously checked items and it will display in the list.

Lead Lists are grouped by agency or company to help you keep track of the information in your list. You can also see in the "completed by" column who completed the task and when so you can keep track of progress. If new POs are added to the system that match the criteria that was used when having added the agency or company to the list, those new POs will appear under the corresponding agency or company. (6).gif

You can also save bids into their own lists for you to pursue and keep track of. Once you've run your search in bids add the ones you want to a list.

Keep track of when the bid was last viewed and check it off once you're done with it. Unlike with the "lead lists", "bid lists" are not grouped by agency or company as that's not needed for bids. All the relevant information for a bid can be found in the bid details. (7).gif