Now that you've started searching for bids, here is an example of what you can expect to find. 

The Agency posting the request for bids will be displayed at the top along with the option to "Pin" the bid so that you can save it and work on it when you're ready or delegate the task to someone else on your team.  You can share the bid if you want to send it directly to someone on your team so that they can begin working on it. 

Some bids like the one we've attached have additional information located on a different site, so we've included the link to that site for you.  Any attachments provided by the agency will be included with the bid for you to use. There is a box for a description should the agency provide us with one. If there is a description we recommend reading through it thoroughly to ensure you know exactly what the agency is asking for and what their requirements are. Some of those requirements will be what type of bid response they want, who the primary point of contact is how you should submit the bid, etc. 

You'll also notice within the title section of the bid that we link you "to see historical awards by this agency, click here". This data can be helpful to know who your competitors might be and at what rate they sold to the agency. Use this data to create a bid that will win. 

Now that you have an idea what bids will look like, start browsing through the database to find ones you want to go after.